Comfort for the Day is

a space that brings

solace, warmth, direction, understanding, a personalized healing tool,

a safe place, love, forgiveness, hope, comfort,

reality, healing, grace and truth

for those who grieve from the pain of death.

Comfort for the Day is

a time that offers

wisdom, insight, counsel and education

so that you can become an authentic and effective comforter.

Comfort for the Day is

a journal supported with Scripture

and guided with specific application for the grief experience.

God is

The God of ALL comfort.

Expose the hurting heart to His word where

there is an endless supply of comfort.

This unique grief recovery healing tool can become

the reader’s personalized therapist in a book.

Comfort for the Day brings

real help for really hurting people.

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Comfort for the Day is

supportive companionship for those who grieve


wise counsel for those who comfort them.

For Those Who Grieve

Are you brokenhearted from the death of someone you love? Please be reminded that many people care about you. Some of them might feel they lack resources to help you, but they still care. Others might be frightened by your pain, but they still care. A few know how to be present with you and will support you through the days, weeks and years ahead. I hope to offer a place for you to visit at any time. While I might not know your name, I understand the pain of grief. I also know the relief of healing. It is my prayer to wrap you in the warm blanket of God’s healing grace. Follow the blogs that can become a friend to lean on with your pain and begin to experience God’s comfort.

Beyond the blog pages of this website, you may want even more comfort, therefore, I offer my book, Comfort for the Day. Filled with sensitive, yet powerful messages to help you live through your seasons of grief, Comfort for the Day brings all the comfort that Heaven offers. And that offering is always more than we need, no matter how desperate we are! Comfort for the Day is not my story, it will become your story as you put pen to paper and allow the healing tool we call “journaling” to guide you through your “firsts,” sort through memories, deal with regrets, and eventually discover a healed heart.

For the Comforter

Comfort for the Day is also your resource to really helping those who are really hurting. As you read the blogs you will develop greater sensitivity and understanding to confidently step into the pain of grieving friends or family members.

Searching for just the right gift to give a grieving friend?

Needing a quality book that truly comforts?

Wanting to give your business the extra caring edge?

When you give Comfort for the Day to a friend, client, or colleague, you are giving comfort that will last their life time. Flowers will fade, plants might die, but Comfort for the Day is the gift that keeps soothing, comforting, and bringing healing to the lives of those you care about.

This sensitively, yet powerfully written book comforts the reader with significant Scriptures specific to the grief experience. It continues to comfort as it guides the bereaved to use the most effective recovery tool available—journaling. Comfort for the Day becomes a personalized grief recovery tool. At times it is like a therapist in a book.

Both the web site and the book, Comfort for the Day, are ideal resources for bereavement care practitioners. Purchase the book to give to someone you know who needs it and send them this link to blogs that are relevant to healing their broken heart.




  1. I’m really glad that this book is avauilable on line as it has been a real blessing to so many hurting families already. Thank-you for publishing it in an affordable soft cover too.

  2. This book hits all the right target buttons for experiencing grief and finding “life after death”. Great tools for working through loss.

  3. Hello Karen, How are you today? I am not well, because of health problems (I’ve been in and out of the hospital) and my mother just passed away. Mom died July 1, 2014 of a hereditary form of low grade, slow growing lymphoma. I had four hours out of 30 years with her. I would never hurt my precious mom. I love and miss her so very much. Except for GOD and my husband, I have no one to turn to. I sang two of my mother’s favorite songs to her while she was alive. “Consider The Lilies” and “Mercy”. I sang “Mercy” at her funeral. I sang like GOD gave my voice wings. They wore out three cassettes. When will this pain go away? My dad passed away in 2002 from lung cancer and I still find myself weeping. Thanks, Teresa

    • Dear Teresa,

      It took courage to write about your broken heart. Thank you for sharing some of the details. I am so sorry for your losses. Not only are you grieving the death of your mother, but you are also feeling the loss of all the years of separation from her as well as the loss of healthy relationships with your siblings. You ask, “how long will the pain last?” There is no answer. However, there is a loving God who holds your broken heart so gently and he brings hope of a better future. There is no better way to get through the pain than to feel it. In one of the sections of my book I explain that the human body cannot take 100% grief 100% of the time. So grieve when you grieve and when you don’t grieve, don’t grieve. In other words, give yourself permission to have seasons (moments) of relief or distraction from the pain and then give yourself permission to hurt. One of the best bandaids for heartache is the powerful salve of God’s word. If you don’t have one of my books, I recommend purchasing one as soon as possible. It combines the power of God’s healing words of life, comfort, healing, and hope with space to release your fear, confusion and pain.

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