Lessons from the Trees

?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????Deep Roots

Have you heard the sighing, groaning, of a tree before a storm,

Heard the scraping of the branches in the bending of its form?

Have you seen it sway and straighten, then be swayed again, again,

Seen the leaves like tiny banners whipping, dripping in the rain?

Seen it in its strength and beauty stand defiant in the blast,

Seen it proud and undefeated when the mighty winds have passed?


Have you seen a fellow mortal weighted down with many cares,

Heard him sigh when dread disaster came upon him unawares?

Have you seen him bear it bravely, overcoming all his fears:

Seen him turn his face to heaven gazing upward through his tears?

Seen his countenance of sorrow change and wear the victors smile,

Seen him stand complete in triumph o’er the bitterness of trials?


Winds have ne’er uprooted timber growing deep beneath the sod—

Grief has never conquered mortals who are rooted deep in God.

–Byron E. De Bolt


  1. Oh Karen, as Brooks and I drove through the redwoods today, many illustrations came to mind as I pondered the stately and strong, yet weathered and scarred giants. Brooks and I took pictures at the Ukiah church, where we were married 32 years ago today, and reminisced about all that our Father has brought us through. I just want my roots to keep growing deeper and stronger…

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