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When Children Grieve

An open letter to a child My Dear Young Friend, I am so very sorry someone you loved has died.  This is a really hard time for you and your family.  Adults call the time after someone dies, grief.  I think we can also call it “living with a broken heart.” I was thinking about what happens when a favorite toy or book gets broken.  You might try to fix it yourself, or take it to your mom or dad and ask them to help you fix it.  They will… Read more When Children Grieve

Why trust God with your broken heart?

Skeptical about relief from the pain? Yesterday I told my granddaughter about three little girls whose Daddy had died recently.  This morning Maddie had more questions about the little girls. So we talked about how God brings healing to our broken hearts after someone we love dies.  She looked at me with an expression of disbelief.  I wondered if many of us share the same incredulous skepticisms that God could possibly bring us any relief in our pain.  Fortunately, my granddaughter has a very caring and attentive Daddy.  Just that… Read more Why trust God with your broken heart?

Begin the Journey

A fellow griever is here for you  How I wish you never needed to read this page!  How I long for all pain to evaporate as if dissipated by the warmth of the sun.  It would be so much more pleasant to interact about something benign like the weather or a piece of inspiring art or share a sunset.  But for now, we are here in this same space and place sharing each other’s grief. Mourning is difficult work.  We need nourishment along the way to keep facing the pain… Read more Begin the Journey

I’m not ready to comfort someone

I wrote this weeks before this blog was ready.  I post it now as an example of how it feels to be  unprepared to comfort a friend in need. I wasn’t ready.  Just this morning I received news that the son of an acquaintance suddenly died.  I know no details.  My heart is heavy as I go about my normal morning routine, for I know these parents are not doing the same.  Their day has exploded by trauma and their lives will never be the same.  My stomach knots and turns sour at the… Read more I’m not ready to comfort someone

A post for the comforter

Time doesn’t heal ~ God does Have you ever tried to console a deeply hurting friend by reminding them that “time would bring healing?”  With all good intention, the phrase sounds nice, but it may be less comforting than hoped for.  Time does work to dull, or dim the intensity of many of life’s experiences.  Memories fade in time.  The intense feelings lose their edge.  But does that indicate that healing has taken place?  Probably not.  You see, what I have learned is that God is the Healer of our… Read more A post for the comforter