Tidings of Comfort and Joy?


Healing One Holiday at a Time

Our inability to stop the death of a loved one can leave us feeling utterly helpless. How we respond to that loss and helplessness is called grief. While it is unwelcomed because it is in direct association with our loss, grieving is a gift.  It is the path that restores us . . . Those who mourn will never be the same, but you can experience healing from your broken heart, and that is the gift of hope this holiday season offers you. While it may not be a “merry” Christmas or a “happy” holiday, you can be reassured that your choice to grieve in a healthy way will advance your healing one day–one holiday–at a time.  How would revisiting the Christmas story bring you courage and hope for your grieving path?  Does it matter that in one of the darkest periods of earth’s history, when life had very little value, that a Son was born to us to bring us comfort and peace?  Does it matter that entering our planet drama, Jesus came as an infant–to grow up through all of our life’s pains?  Does it matter to remember that because He was born, we have hope for our present as well as our future? How would embracing the deep meanings of Christmas bring solace to your pain? Couldn’t they become your best Christmas gifts this year?  Wishing you healing through the holidays, Karen

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