When They Take Their Own Life


Recently I was told of two different young men who took their lives.  The ravaged hearts of those left to grieve defies description.  My heart is so very sad for everyone.  As I was pondering the complicated interaction of this type of grief and the unique tenderness that is needed to support a grieving friend with this type of loss, I came across a passage of Scripture that caught my attention. It reads, “When my spirit was overwhelmed within me, then You knew my path.”  Ps. 142:3.  Does this not apply to the one who ended his or her life as well as for those who must live on in their absence?  Our God knows our paths.  His heart of compassion and perfect understanding knows our brokenness.  He gets it when we are overwhelmed beyond return.  Mental illness, depression, hopelessness, and overwhelming pain are all within our Heavenly Father’s realm of knowing.  I don’t know why God doesn’t intervene at times like these.  But I do know that death is not more powerful than God.  I know that to wake us from the sleep of death is simply a breath away for God.  I am also confident of this: He also offers comfort, healing and hope for our broken hearts when we are forced to live without the ones we love.

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