Why trust God with your broken heart?

Skeptical about relief from the pain?

Yesterday I told my granddaughter about three little girls whose Daddy had died recently.  This morning Maddie had more questions about the little girls. So we talked about how God brings healing to our broken hearts after someone we love dies.  She looked at me with an expression of disbelief.  I wondered if many of us share the same incredulous skepticisms that God could possibly bring us any relief in our pain.  Fortunately, my granddaughter has a very caring and attentive Daddy.  Just that morning when she slammed her finger in the cupboard, he was there to hold her and put on a band aid. Similarly, just as her Daddy helped the pain feel better, God comes even closer to us to bring us His comfort.  He has the capacity to heal from the inside out because He takes residence in our brokenness. The mystery of the incarnation within is one of the best reasons for us to surrender our pain into His all caring, understanding and wise treatment to bring relief.

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